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JETsense is a 3-in-1 system featuring autonomous navigation, multi-sensor fusion and computer vision that can advise, safeguard or assume active control of your open water transits.

JETsense is not just an autopilot system. In fact, it is far more. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced autonomy to perceive the domain and maintain precise control of steering and speed during a voyage, re-route as needed to avoid traffic and obstacles, while enabling a new level of streaming data to improve your operations.


  • Navigation assistance or full autonomous control
  • AI-powered situational awareness
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Routing and fuel efficiency gains from data-driven automation
  • Detailed data-logging and telemetry technology for off-vessel viewing of voyage data, performance data, alarms and diagnostics (access is free during the warranty period and for a subscription after that).

Three Modes of Operation:

  1. Guide Mode – visual indication and audible alert of potential transit conflicts with vessels or other obstacles as well as low depth. No active control.
  2. Guard Mode – visual indication and audible alert of potential conflicts, giving operators signal to act. If no action is taken, the system will assume vessel control to avoid a dangerous situation.
  3. Voyage Mode – autonomous control of a planned voyage from start to finish with many built-in behaviors and features specially developed to support a diverse set on-water operation
JETsense Brochure