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JETanchor has two modes:

Station Keeping – automatically holds a vessel’s position and heading, giving a high degree of positional accuracy.

Virtual Anchor – sets off a virtual anchor point around which the boat will ‘swing’ with the prevailing conditions. In this mode the boat naturally settles in the most comfortable and fuel efficient heading.

When JETanchor is selected with our latest AVX control system it can be used (with caution) in close proximity with other vessels and fixed objects. Station Keeping will simply hold position around the dock, however the real magic happens when you start to move the vessel with the manoeuvring joystick or Mouseboat unit. The system continues to use GPS position and heading to deliver pinpoint accurate control around objects, harbours or marinas. Once the manoeuvring unit is released the boat is brought to a halt and returns to Station Keeping mode, eliminating any further vessel drift.

When operating in any of the JETanchor modes, the skipper must remain at the helm to ensure the safety of the vessel. However, our customers continue to find new and creative ways to improve productivity and safety with this impressive system.

It as has been deployed on fishing vessels, military, hydrographic survey and recreational craft.

It is available with our AVX and blueARROW systems

JETanchor Positioning System Brochure